Sound Bath Meditation

Join me and journey into the meditative world of sound, and be bathed in beautiful sound waves to re-nourish and re-set your mind, body, emotions and soul. 


Relax with therapeutic sounds of instruments including singing bowls, crystal singing bowls, gongs, chimes and percussion during a 1- 1.5 hour session.


These sessions offer the perfect combination of mindfulness meditation, breath awareness and therapeutic sound, so you can enjoy a deeper state of relaxation where you can just be in the moment.

"A sound bath is an entry point to access a moment of peace and rest, and also a space for healing."

Get in contact with me to find out details of how to book.

 Private Sound Baths 

A sound bath has an immersive quality giving you the opportunity to pause, turn off your phone, get quiet, and just listen without the need to consciously respond or react.

If you close your eyes and allow yourself to be present and completely engaged in the experience, it can feel like the vibration touches every part of your body and you are travelling without moving.

If you want to fully relax in a space that is familiar and comfortable, then I can bring my sound therapy kit to you, and the sound bath can be tailored more to your specific needs.

"A sound bath is a deeply immersive, full body listening experience that intentionally uses sound to invite therapeutic and restorative effects to the body and mind."

Sound Therapy Workshops

We offer a range of sound therapy workshops using meditation, movement and sound, or purely sound giving you the opportunity to learn more about using therapeutic instruments .

Workshops can be tailored to meet your needs, and offered in various settings such as schools, businesses, health groups, health and wellbeing events and retreats.

These can be run over a few hours, a half day, full day or multiple days and are a great way to enjoy the therapeutic nature of sound for your health over a longer period of time, and in a setting of your choice or a specially chosen venue by us in the Sussex area.

"Sound is a way to tune in and a way to tune out. It is a way to connect to yourself and others, not only around joy and happiness but around pain and suffering too."