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Private Sound Meditation 

Join me and journey into the meditative world of sound, and be bathed in beautiful sound waves to re-nourish and re-set your mind, body, emotions and soul. 


Relax with therapeutic sounds of instruments including singing bowls, crystal singing bowls, gongs, chimes and percussion during a 1- 2 hour session.


These sessions offer the perfect combination of mindfulness meditation, breath awareness and therapeutic sound, so you can enjoy a deeper state of relaxation where you can just be in the moment.

"A sound bath is an entry point to access a moment of peace and rest, and also a space for healing."

A private sound bath can be booked for up to eight people on weekends and weekday evenings, subject to availability.

Private sound meditation events are from £100

Sound Meditation Workshops & Events

We can come to your event and offer a sound bath meditation journey for relaxation, calm and bliss, or to learn how to play some of the therapeutic instruments and build a sound bath.


Events previously offered :

- Wellness festivals

- Wellbeing days/weeks

- Wellbeing retreats

- Charity events

- Community groups

- Schools/colleges

- Workplaces

Please look out for details on our social media channels for upcoming events, or why not get in touch if you would like to create your own event or collaborate with us.

"Wellbeing is a journey. The secret is committing to that journey an d taking those first steps with hope and belief."

Workshops and events start from £100

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