Mindful Living For You

A themed 7 week course looking at everyday mindfulness meditation techniques to stay present with a beginners mind, and a curious awareness to reduce the thoughts and feelings that keep us in a heightened state of stress and lower our immunity through our day. 

Learn to step out of auto-pilot to observe and reflect on daily thoughts, feelings and emotions with non-judgement as the silent witness, and be able to show more compassion and kindness to yourself and others, whilst letting go of any elements that no longer serve you. ​​

Become more present and aware.

Beginners Meditation

A 5 week course offering you the opportunity to learn, understand and practice the different types of meditation available, so you can find those that best suit your everyday needs for calm and relaxation.

​Meditation is a discipline open to all which can give you significant benefits with just a few minutes of regular practice everyday. We spend some time dispelling myths about how to practice and what to use, so you can make informed choices.


You will have all the tools needed to help you make time for yourself and achieve deeper relaxation to unite your body and mind for clarity and renewed focus.

Breath Awareness

A two part course to help you to work with the breath as an anchor to reduce stress and anxiety to initiate the relaxation response for calm and relaxation.

We will look at the mechanics of breathing and its importance to health, along with techniques and practices you can use throughout your day, and other valuable tools and resources where you can get support and guidance.

Use deep breaths to send little love notes to your body!

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