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 Sound Bath Immersion

Saturday 29th February, 

4-5pm & 25th April 3:30-4:30pm at The Float Spa, Hove


An opportunity to free your mind and release tensions in your body through an immersive sound experience.

Be guided into relaxation with a grounding sound and body awareness meditation, which will lead you gently into a state of calm and openness for the therapeutic sounds that will then fill the space.

A sound bath will follow with an invitation to allow your mind to drift and journey with the sounds you will hear, whilst acknowledging with non-judgement and kindness anything that comes up for you.

The sound bath with offer therapeutic sounds from various instruments including gongs, Himalayan singing bowls, crystal singing bowls, chimes and percussion.This is the ultimate in self- care to rebalance body, mind and soul while being in a comfortable and supportive space.

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Sound Bath Meditation

Sunday 8th March, 2-3:30pm at Linear Health & Fitness, Millhouse studio


A sound bath is a beautiful restorative and meditative experience which can take you on a journey of deep relaxation and self-discovery.

Be led in a short guided meditation to prepare your body and mind, then allow yourself to be immersed in the healing power of therapeutic instruments including singing bowls, crystal bowls, gongs, drums, chimes, bells, shakers and more.

The beautiful frequencies and vibrations have many benefits that can help with reducing stress, pain and tension. Every individual is different and will have a personal experience to where they are at that moment in time.

Place are limited, so booking at £20pp is required via either method below:



Mindful Movement & Sound Bath

Sunday 19th April 3-5pm at Wickwoods Country Club, Hassocks


Come join me for an afternoon of mindful movement and meditation through therapeutic instruments.

We will start with some gentle movement to bring mental focus to check in with the body, direct awareness to how we move in the moment and for everyday functions, look at moving optimally rather than forcing movement, and understand how we can use the breath with movement for relaxation.

A sound bath will follow the movement practice with the opportunity to allow your body to just be, and totally relax whilst letting the mind be free to drift and journey with therapeutic sounds in a supportive space.

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