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I offer sound therapy interventions, to help you create better balance of body, mind and soul to step out of autopilot and the stress response, and into self-care and the relaxation response. If you can activate the relaxation response more readily with self-care routines for your body, then you will increase your immunity and allow positive hormones to be more present for sustainable health.

​​Currently I am a wellbeing coach and sound therapist, and have acquired a wide range of skills for healthy living with over 10 years experience in the health and wellness sector. I have helped hundreds of clients make positive lifestyle changes in small group and 1-1 interventions working both privately and as part of NHS Public Health funded community health and wellbeing projects with the general public and businesses.

Making small lifestyle changes and increasing relaxation techniques in your daily routine have been evidenced to help increase immunity, reduce pain levels, reduce feelings of depression, anxiety and anger, reduce blood pressure, give a sense of clarity and balance, reduce thoughts, increase awareness and energy levels, improve sleep and the quality of sleep, enhance self-esteem, self-acceptance, kindness and compassion to yourself and others.

Fall in love with yourself again and start using simple self-care practices consistently to achieve balance of body, mind and soul.

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Nr Lewes, East Sussex UK

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